Company credibility, light color, warranty, brightness and other characteristics of HID lights are also important. Yet lifespan is important as well, even though you don’t plan on using the HID lights in all driving situations. You still want to know that the lights you purchase are going to be dependable for some time to come. When you look at the top HID light kits on the market.

What do you see in regards to lifespan?

First of all, you do know that you have the choice of looking at halogen fog lights and also LED light kits as well. When you make the decision to buy HID lights, you want to know why you are choosing to buy that particular type of product. There are always the pros and cons. Do HID lights last longer? LED lights are definitely said to be brighter. However, there are some sources that tend to insinuate that HID lights are extremely bright. There are of course different levels of brightness, and you can expect to see different lifespans for these products as you continue browsing as well.

HID lights are said to be a little cheaper these days than they used to be. Looking at some of the top products out there, let’s evaluate the lifespans of some of them. One top product features a lifespan of 5000 hours. You will also see the lifespan of HID lights stated in days. For example that particular product is stated to last over 200 days, and of course that means continuous running time. You aren’t going to be using your HID lights continuously.

Compare HID Light Kit with Other Products

Comparing that product to another top HID light kit, I noticed that each had a lifespan of approximately 5,000 hours. Is that what you can expect across the board? It certain seems to be a rather good standard to go by at this point. So I checked one more product to see what the lifespan was for that kit as well. Guess what, it was stated only in days this time, but the lifespan was 200 days, same as the other two products.

That’s not to say that you won’t find HID light kits that have a longer or shorter lifespan. However, that seems to be the industry standard when it comes to the lifespans for these kits. How does that compare to halogen fog lamp kits and LED light kits? That’s a good question, and now you can see why consumers do so many comparisons. You don’t want to dig so deep on just the purchase of fog lamps, but hey, I’ve done some of the digging for you. Now you know more of what to expect if you choose to buy HID lights.

They are said to be quite bright. They are said to be quite dependable. They are said to be some of the best products like Diode Dynamics on the market. You will have to decide if you want to upgrade from halogen fog lamps to HID lights, but it certainly seems like you would get better visibility.