Mini Cooper is one of the most appealing front-wheel drive vehicles and is one of the smallest cars on the road. It has an engaging drive from a handling perspective due to its wheel at each corner framework and a lightweight design.

The Mini Cooper was recently redesigned and its 2015 model remains as one of the smallest cars that you can purchase. It is true that the new Mini Cooper is comparatively bigger than the old original Mini but, despite its modest dimensions, it is a very practical choice for someone who hardly drives with more than a single traveler.

The new Mini Cooper has a four-door hardtop option too. A seat has also been added to the back to at least give it a five seater look but from a comfort perspective, it has the capacity of transporting a maximum of four passengers. This is fairly ok because the whole concept of a mini car revolves around having a smaller car and a smaller number of passengers.

The new Mini cooper comes with three-cylinder drivetrains. Its 1.5-liter unit produces 134 horsepower and 162 lb-ft. of torque by making use of its turbocharger. You have an option to either go for a six-speed manual transmission to a six-speed automatic transmission. The unique growl of the three cylinders also provides an impression of a sports car experience. But within 7.3 seconds and 0-60mph, the Mini Cooper can hold its own subcompact segment.

Another huge advantage is that the Mini is a fuel efficient car and this has been achieved by downsizing its engine from four cylinders to three cylinders to improve the fuel efficiency of the car. Even if you want to go for a six-speed automatic unit, it won’t give up more than a single mile per gallon. This too has been achieved without resorting to a less tempting constantly changing the automatic design.

The main reason why most people are opting to buy a mini is because it looks like a fun car to drive. They are dream cars for most people because of their design, the size, the fact that they can quickly go fast, turn without a problem and could be parked anywhere easily.

It is also quite customizable too. You have various options to play around with and get it customized as you want it. It not only stands out among other cars but your Mini could even stand out among other Minis. Isn’t that cool?

It is a very affordable car if you don’t opt to get the extra options. The maintenance frequency is also lesser. You don’t have to worry about getting the oil changed or do regular maintenance. All you would need is a little maintenance after two years or so, unlike other cars which need maintenance after every month.

Mini Cooper uses the premium gas and does offer some decent gas mileage too. You would need to fill the tank up for like once a month if you only use it to go to work. You can do a six to seven-hour freeway drive without needing a fill-up.

While there are so many pros of this car. There are also a few cons to it. The first one is that it could be expensive if you add multiple options to it and customize it. Another con is that if you express your love for this dream car to any dealership they might get a chance to make a benefit from this fact and you will end up with buying a car but in not the best cheap deal. A Mini is a small car and even thou you might like it but after a while, you would find the need for extra storage space and feel restricted by the fact that you can’t drive more than 4-5 people. If you bought it when you just got married and later have a growing family, you might find it quite impractical for your growing family.

Even after all the cool features, if you want to sell your Mini then the resale price is also good. If the car is in shape and has no problems, it could get you a very good resale price and you would probably earn back more than if you sell any other car.