Car Racing began in 1867 and has been a favorite sport of many people around the globe ever since. Almost as soon as cars were invented, this sport became popular and organized sports events started to take place. In the beginning, these events were held to prove the reliability of the cars and to prove the fact that these cars could be a practical mode of transport. As time passed and cars became more popular, the sport of car racing also pegged its fence in the hearts of the people and in the 1930s special cars dedicated to racing were developed.

Now, there are various categories of car racing with its own rules and regulations like any other sport. People enjoy this unique sport and like to take part in various types of car racing categories. Let us look at some of the car racing categories.

Formula Racing

Formula One is one of the most anticipated types of car racing. It is greatly identified for a variety of single-seater car racing. One of the famous annual World championships is held for the drivers hosted by Formula One (FIA). It is also called open wheel car racing because its wheels are not covered and the cars have aerofoil wings on the front and the rear to produce some downforce and increase the adhesion of the car to the track. A series of various events are held including the most famous Indianapolis 500 race.

 Sports Car Racing

In this type of racing, the grand tourers (GTs) which are the production-derived versions of sports cars and the prototypes of purpose-built sports cars compete. They compete in their respective classes and on closed circuits. The best and most famous championship series for sports car racing is the FIA World Endurance Championship. There are other events including the FIA GT1 World Championship, the GT3 European Championship, GT4 European Cup, International GT Open, Super GT Championship and national GT championships too which feature various GT cars and professional and amateur drivers.


It is the form of sport which takes place in both the public and private roads with road legal cars which have been specially modified and produced. The cars run on a point to point format instead of a circuit. There are two classes of cars which take part in rallying. One is the Group N cars which are homologated, road-legal and production based cars and the other is the Group A which consists of more modified cars. The competitions happen on closed public roads or in off-road areas too. A car rally is conducted with a number of stages on any kind of terrain. The participants are allowed to look around these tracks beforehand and gather pace notes for the actual rally. In the actual rally, there are co-drivers which read the pace notes aloud and tell the driver tips and guidelines to complete every stage quicker. The competition is based on the lowest total elapsed time over the course of some special stages in an event.