If you are someone who wants to buy a car which is small yet fast and is light on the pocket yet customizable as you want then the new Mini Cooper is just the perfect fit for you. With a sharp interior, decent base engine, sharper handling and available all-four-wheel-drive, the Mini Cooper prove itself to be not just a pretty face. It is one of the most fun cars to drive on the road. Let us look at some of the major reasons why this car is a new love of people all around the globe.

Yes, it’s adorable

Cuteness is and forever will be the deciding factor whether you accept it or not. The Mini Cooper has the advantage of being cute without looking like a chic car.  It has a female base too but men also like the feeling of being behind its wheel. Aside from looking cute and adorable, the Mini Cooper is hiding some very powerful surprises.

Highly Customizable

If this car was a human, it would have won the beauty with brains award. It not only cools cute but also is equipped with various cool features which give an illusion of driving a sports car. Due to a wide range of options available, the car is highly customizable and you transform this car as you want and add more ornaments to its beauty. It is not only cute from the outside but beautiful on the inside too. The Mini has a huge oversized centrally located circular speedometer which has designs featuring a GPS in the center and other controls too. It has a mood lighting installed so you can switch on and change the lighting with the simple push of a button. There are multiple options available to customize your car on the inside too.

It’s a classic car – True to its roots

If you are a lover of cars you would be quite familiar with the fact that there is something unique and attractive about the old classic cars. Even thou so many classic cars have tried and failed to reinvent themselves, the Mini Cooper is an exception. Unlike the other classic car manufacturers who have failed to change the cars, innovate and enhance to increase its appeal to the new market, Mini Cooper has stayed true to its roots. It has a big cult following and a mass market appeal too. It is a great example of being old-school-meets-new-school design. Although, the racing car roots might not be for everyone but the sleek curves of this car truly set it apart from other cars in the racing world. Apart from all this, you also get that vintage street permitted car without having to compromise the actual running parts or the engine power.

Takes you everywhere

Mini is the car which could take you on some amazing adventures from driving around the city with your family or hunting down a deserted highway with friends. It allows you to go for about 400-plus miles with just having to fill the tank up once. Its gas tank can hold up to 13.2 gallons.

 It’s really, really fast

You can cruise up to the speeds of 200mph with the new Mini Cooper S models. With a 172 horsepower engine, this car truly gives you the feeling of driving a very cool and fast sports car.